One of the best anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass – Danabol

When you start thinking that it’s time to try sports stimulants, if you ask your more experienced colleagues what it’s good to take, in 99% of the answers you will hear exactly “Dianabol”.

Methandienone has a pronounced anabolic effect. Suppresses catabolic processes in the body, forms a positive nitrogen balance, accelerates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, enhances tissue respiration and enhances the synthesis of ATP.

The main action is rapid weight gain. This is due to increased protein synthesis and accumulation of water in the muscle tissue. Strength indicators also increase, the skeletal system strengthens and appetite increases. Methandienone is simply perfect for rapid weight gain, it fits well in mass recruitment courses, both as a medicine for “spreading” the basic “compote” and as a basic medicine. 


The drug aromatizes – this means that the rapid increase in total body weight is caused by the accumulation of water in the body, which in turn leads to a number of side effects: high blood pressure, risk of gynecomastia, decreased libido and in some cases erectile dysfunction (most -frequently occurs when taking the drug alone and in large doses).

When you take methandienone, your skin begins to become oily, which can cause acne. The drug is also toxic to the liver.


There is a solution to the problems associated with the appearance of side effects. The fight against deodorization is quite simple – we take aromatase inhibitors (Anastrazole, Arimidex, Aromazin, Letrozole).

Taking aromatic inhibitors will significantly reduce the accumulation of water in the muscle tissue and muscle growth will be better, blood pressure problems will be eliminated and this will greatly facilitate the overall well-being and increase the effectiveness of the course.

And after the end of the course you will have much more than the extra weight earned. To avoid bile problems when taking Methandienone, we take choleretic drugs, such as Flamine.


There are different courses with methandienone: Methandienone is taken evenly from the beginning to the end of the course. Doses do not increase sharply for certain periods and also do not decrease sharply.

As the half-life of the drug is quite short, it is desirable to divide the daily dose into 2-3 doses. In this way you will ensure an even and continuous action of the preparation.

The recommended dose of the drug is 30 – 40 mg per day. Exceeding the dose of 60 mg per day is not desirable, otherwise the side effects will be more pronounced.

Methandienone inhibits own testosterone production and therefore it is advisable to combine methandienone with testosterone. This will help avoid libido problems and prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction, and this type of problem can occur even after stopping the drug.

Methandienone is definitely the right drug, and sometimes even indispensable for weight gain. With a small list of side effects, the benefits of Methandienone are significantly greater. And with proper application of the course of taking Methandienone, the result will be more than decent and with minimal harm to health.

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