Safe intake of anabolic steroids

Steroids in sports are necessary to be stronger and to have more muscle mass. They help many athletes. Anabolic steroids are what help in testosterone production. Are there any safe courses for taking these medications? Let’s try to answer this question.

Anabolic steroids – information

This is the common name for those steroid medications that can achieve muscle growth during a workout. Steroids are analogs of male hormones that are produced by physically healthy men.

Athletes inject testosterone into their body exogenously to become stronger so that muscle mass grows. But some side effects are possible from taking them.

Here they are:

1. Feminization appears.

2. The oiliness of the skin changes.

3. In some cases, mental disorders occur.

4. There may be stomach or intestinal disorders.

5. Growth is slowing.

6. It is possible that blood pressure may rise.

There are also positive aspects. The person obviously becomes stronger, it is easier for him to achieve difficult sports goals.

More anabolics

Anabolic steroid drugs are divided into two types:

• Intramuscular

• Tablets

If steroids are presented in the form of tablets, they have only a short duration of action, and at the same time can adversely affect the liver. Injecting steroids is considered much safer, and in this case they do not break down immediately into an inert mass. Their validity and “life” is much longer.

There are now safe anabolic steroids. They are called adaptogens. Their main feature is that they are herbal tinctures. They are able to maintain good tone of the whole body, which is backed up. This achievement is obtained by increasing the activity of mediators.

Plant steroids

They are:

• PA adaptogens;

• RA sugar lowering

Such steroids and adaptogens have, in addition to their usual properties, the ability to increase the resistance of the whole organism to negative factors. These include physical activity, poisoning, electromagnetic radiation, radioactive effects and more.


You need to calculate exactly what a safe course of steroids would be. The safest course of anabolic steroids includes those products that are a harmless combination, as well as good training results. Boldenone and Deca Durabolin are a good combination, for example.

However, some experts believe that such a combination is not very useful. However, the effect on the body of these two steroids is sometimes justified. There are pros: for example, if you choose this particular combination, you will not need to use anti estrogens.

There is another feature: taking these drugs should be alternated every other day. One steroid on the second day of the week, the other on the sixth. A rest period of 3 months is also required.

Course with steroids and body weight

A safe rate of weight gain must be calculated. According to the duration of intake, steroids are divided into short and long. The short ones are from 2 to 4 weeks, the long ones – from 6 to 8 weeks. Steroids can vary in two other ways: simple and combined.

The safest course of anabolic steroids for weight gain consists only of testosterone. In this case, the side effects are minimized and the body is not overloaded with unnecessary drugs.

Short courses are also considered effective and even harmless. In general, anabolics can cause muscle growth and increase strength even in the shortest possible time.

Relation on age

After the age of 40, you must be careful. Steroids may already work differently in this age group. At this time, testosterone levels in physiology decrease.

This is a special problem in modern medicine. Due to the peculiarities of age-related physiology, the following risks may occur when taking anabolic steroids:

1. Suppression of own testosterone production.

2. The transition from testosterone to estrogen is more pronounced, gynecospasm and fluid accumulation may occur.

3. There are often problems with the heart and blood pressure.

4. Hair can become thinner.

Steroids for beginners

If you are a beginner, you must not succumb to the myths of rapid change in your figure when taking steroids. Usually, those who start their journey in sports believe that results can be achieved immediately. In fact, the figure improves only when regular training. Chemistry is not as crucial as training.

Some new drugs

There are medications that will help in the fight for a healthy and beautiful body and for success in sports. These are Oxandrolone, Turinabol and Nandrolon.

Oxandrolone is a drug that increases muscle relief. This steroid is not suitable for weight gain. It has very low mass gain activity. But it is able to increase muscle strength. In this case, excess fluid does not accumulate. Power indicators are increasing. This drug is popular among athletes and boxers.

Turinabol is another steroid. It is taken orally (internally). It was developed by a German company. In addition, it does not retain fluid in the body. It has no estrogenic effects. Releases testosterone. There are some contraindications. Suitable for weightlifters, weightlifters. It is used when an increase in strength is needed.

Nandrolone decanoate is a steroid that can stimulate the synthesis of certain acids in the body, enhance tissue respiration. During its intake, a person’s muscle mass increases and his body fat actively decreases.

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