How to properly prepare the intake of your first cycle with anabolic steroids

Every self-respecting bodybuilder at some point faces the question of compiling a course of steroids to achieve better results. The process is individual, requires a creative, balanced and rational approach.

Beginners, as a rule, take a course on the principle of EOM (minimum required impact). Doctors support this regimen because each steroid has a side effect. Before you start taking medication, check the available forums, consult with specialists and professionals.

Minimal Impact (MI) is a literary term introduced by writer and publicist Isaac Azimov in one of his books. This effect is the ratio of the dose of the drug to the physical results with minimal health risk. And as you know, all anabolic steroids pose a health risk because they have side effects.

Important: Each preparation should be taken in small doses and gradually increased.

If you start taking it immediately in large doses, then the body simply will not respond properly to them. Here the principle, the more, the better does not work. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a course for growth so that the body gets used to it.

As for practice, the key to big and strong muscles is a properly set first course of steroid intake.

1. First year, or as they call it mono. For the first time it is better to use light steroids. The best option is Turinabol or Oxandrolone. Many refuse such steroids because of the price. Experts recommend starting the meeting with “Anavar” or “Turinabol“, as this is the best option for beginners.

This is a gentle anabolic with excellent results after the course. As an analogue you can use Winstrol or Testosterone Propionate. The price category is slightly lower than the first. Dosage 30 mg per day for 6 weeks. Such courses among athletes are called “solo” or “mono”. After taking one medicine for a period of time, rest and switch to another steroid or combination. As a rule, every novice athlete first uses an anabolic steroid and then moves on to a new combined cycle.

2. The second course is “combined”. If you have successfully completed the solo course, congratulations! You can now start the combined course. This stage consists of a combination to start two drugs, then three or more. That is, they must be consumed simultaneously. One of the popular steroid packs is Methandrostenolone + Decanoate. It became popular due to the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger used it. It was developed in the second half of the last century and established itself well on the market.

Recommendations for beginners

First of all, you need to be patient and not lose enthusiasm. For starters, we recommend that you visit a therapist and take a hormone test. Based on the analysis and advice of a doctor, you will find out which anabolics can be consumed and which are safe for the body.

All athletes are strongly advised to start taking supplements no earlier than 24-25 years. It is important to focus on the result and understand that strenuous training and only one type of steroid will not lead to the desired result. It’s a long, tireless job and at some point there is a great return.

A prerequisite for this is a good training program. On such issues it is better to consult with a coach to draw up an individual training plan.

For best results, it is worth preparing several training programs for yourself and alternating them, but each should start with cardio exercises. If you do the same workouts all the time, the muscles will get used to it and it will not lead to good results.

You have to force yourself to keep going. Do not forget about proper nutrition and good sleep. All this is a beautiful bouquet of phytonutrients.

It is worth understanding that the body must first be prepared to take supplements. If you have never exercised and decided that they will help you gain muscle mass, then you are wrong. You need to do sports for at least a year before using anything extra.

Analyze your personal budget, make a calculation:

• Food;

• Gym subscription;

• steroids;

• Consumables (syringes, wipes, antiseptics).

In any case, you must first decide on the purpose of the task and then compile a program and a list of medications.

Important: Be sure to consult our consultant on the site online to avoid negative consequences.

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