What is the best anabolic steroids for beginners?

Turinabol is called one of the best steroids for beginners. It allows you to create a beautiful “dried” relief (up to 700 g per week) and at the same time increase your strength performance.

Side effects of the drug are virtually absent – it does not cause accumulation of fluids and fats in the body, and the result remains for a long time.

Anavar is considered to be the most harmless steroid that affects the athlete’s body as gently as possible.

This is not the cheapest drug on the market, which explains its low popularity among beginners, but its high price is justified by its good effectiveness and the complete absence of adverse effects during and after application.

Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting drug that has difficulty retaining water in the body.

• Develops endurance;

• Helps increase muscle mass;

• Increases strength;

• Improves libido.

There is only one drawback to this steroid: it is only available in the form of injections and you need to take it quite often. Boldenone is another popular “light” steroid that builds “dry” muscle, develops endurance and strength. It is used both on its own and in combination with other anabolics.

Among its advantages are infrequent intake (once a week), lack of water retention in the body, and among the disadvantages may be an increase in appetite during the course and a slight effect of recoil after stopping the drug.

Proper use of these steroids allows you to completely avoid the negative consequences, and the desired effect will be very noticeable, especially when it comes to novice athletes.

Basic mistakes of novice athletes

The most common mistake that beginners make is that they immediately start taking “heavy” steroids because of the desire to achieve noticeable results as quickly as possible. In fact, “soft” drugs can help, moreover, they are preferable if the athlete’s body is not yet familiar with the products of sports pharmacology.

The body should be given the opportunity to get used to steroid-type hormones, initially accepting the relatively harmless ones and gradually preparing for more serious options.

Other mistakes when using anabolic drugs by beginners are:

• The use of steroids of the “mild” type, but at the maximum dose from the very beginning;

• Uncontrolled increase of the dose after achieving the desired result;

• Maintaining the previous level of physical activity after stopping the intake;

Missing of therapy after a cycle.

The use of even the most harmless hormones in high doses can cause unpleasant consequences. Therefore, any competent trainer or doctor will advise you to start with the lowest possible dose, gradually increasing to the optimal dose.

Do not intentionally increase the dose after achieving the desired effect. On the contrary, in this case the dosage should be reduced – this prevents the risk of negative side effects.

At the end of the anabolic course, the athlete’s strength indicators deteriorate to some extent, so you should not maintain the same intensity of exercise: the muscles can simply be injured. Refusal of therapy after rehabilitation is also wrong – it is necessary even after the safest drugs.

First of all, the athlete must restore the production of his own testosterone and thus exclude the possibility of the body falling into the so-called “hormonal pit”.

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